Techniques for choosing a hat to match your face frame.

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The hat style is like an accessory that enhances your personality and makes you look outstanding. and makes the wearer feel fun in pairing. ( choosing )

Techniques for choosing the right hat! Suitable for every face shape

round face girl. For girls with round faces, choose a hat with a wide brim and a high top shape. It will help conceal the roundness of the face. Hats with small brims are not recommended. Because it will emphasize making the face look more round. Report by โปรโมชั่น ufabet

girl with oval face. Girls with oval shaped faces are extremely lucky. Because an oval face is a beautiful, well-shaped face. Can wear any type of hat. But if you want to suit your face the best, you should choose a hat that emphasizes the face to make it look cheeky, such as a cap or a narrow-brimmed hat. Avoid flat-shaped hats as they will make your face look longer.

long face girl. The style of hat that is most suitable for women with long faces is a wide-brimmed hat. and should fit snugly along the eyebrow line to cover the forehead Can help reduce the length of the face. For girls with long faces, narrow hats are not recommended. Because it will make your face look longer.

square faced girl. Girls with square faces are best suited for hats with short brims and must be round hats only because round hats can reduce the squareness of the face. and helps increase the curves to make the face look more beautiful and shaped