Vitamin D and calcium are good companions for the elderly.

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Vitamin D and calcium are good companions for the elderly.

Even though Thailand is a tropical country, there is a chance to receive sunlight all day. So that the body can synthesize vitamin D. But with changing lifestyle habits who usually stay in the house Inside the building, you don’t walk outside. Including applying sunscreen regularly. This causes the body to not receive enough sunlight.

Thai people lack a large amount of vitamin D. Especially in the elderly group, up to 1 in 3 or 31.8 percent were found to have vitamin D deficiency, and in the group of postmenopausal women, up to 93 percent were found. What will happen? When the body lack.

What will happen? When the body lacks vitamin D and calcium 

We often hear about the synergistic properties in strengthening bone mass. Because vitamin D is responsible for helping in the absorption of calcium. Therefore, vitamin D deficiency may also be a cause of calcium deficiency. Therefore, the body must break down bone mass to release calcium into the bloodstream. And when this happens in the long term, it makes the bones fragile. Risk of osteoporosis 

But if the body has enough vitamin D It will increase the efficiency of calcium absorption by up to 30 – 40 percent and help the body use calcium more efficiently. Especially in the elderly It is necessary to get the right amount of vitamins and calcium.

Good benefits obtained from vitamin D and calcium

Elderly people need to get adequate amounts. Because calcium plays a role in repair. Strengthens bones and muscle mass Including helping to prevent bone thinning, osteoporosis, and bone degeneration or easy fractures that are more likely ยูฟ่าเบท to occur in the elderly because 20% of the calcium in the bones of older people is broken down and rebuilt every year. 

Meanwhile, vitamin D It also plays an important role in the body’s immune system. Both control work and stimulate the creation of white blood cells. Helps strengthen immunity And most importantly, it helps develop the brain and nerve cells. Stimulates enzymes used in the synthesis of neurotransmitters. It also helps reduce stress and depression. 

Where are food sources of vitamin D and calcium found?

Although the human body can obtain vitamin D from sunlight, But various factors As a result, we do not receive enough sunlight. Therefore, in addition to trying to go out to receive red light in the morning There is probably no escaping the issue of eating food that is rich in nutrients.

– Vitamin D, but food sources high in vitamin D are quite rare. Found in only a few foods, including liver, butter, egg yolks, salmon, ruby ​​fish, tuna, mackerel, and some mushrooms such as oyster mushrooms and fresh shiitake mushrooms.

– The source of calcium Milk, tofu, various types of beans, kale, broccoli, and small fish are easier to find.

It is interesting that In general, milk and milk products It is a source, not a food source high in vitamin D. Nowadays, some manufacturers are starting to give more importance and add vitamin D to milk. Because vitamin D supplementation helps the intestines absorb more calcium in the digestive tract. Reduces calcium excretion from the urine. Promotes the creation of increased bone mass are therefore considered close friends that must always come together.