What is AHA? Learn about fruit acids that exfoliate skin

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What is AHA? Learn about fruit acids that exfoliate skin. That should include in your Skin Routine.

When talking about Active Ingredients or the main active ingredients in skin care creams, “AHA” is probably one of the main ingredients in skin care. Skin care creams that we often hear about these days Some people may misunderstand that is an acid that sounds harsh.

What are AHAs?

AHA is an abbreviation for Alpha Hydroxy Acid. Many of you have probably used acid on your face or have heard before. Actually,is a fruit acid ufabet https://ufabet999.app That comes from nature. AHA is commonly use in the beauty and skin industry. Care because gently exfoliates the skin. Suitable for people with acne , blemishes , freckles, and clogged pores. Helps make your skin white and radiant. It has notice that many skincare brands these days tend to use. as their main active ingredient. However, AHA may not always be suitable for everyone. You should check your skin condition before using AHA.

How many types of AHA are divided into?

AHA acids that we use on the face Skin care is actually divided into several types. With each type of providing benefits or coming from different sources. So what type should we choose? is divided into different types as follows:

1. Citric Acid (Citric Acid)

AHA acids in the Citric Acid group often found in citrus fruits such as lemons, oranges, pineapple, tamarind, and grapefruit. AHA acids help smooth the skin. more radiant

2. Lactic Acid (lactic acid)

AHAs in the Lactic Acid group produced from the fermentation process of bacteria. AHAs in the Lactic Acid group are often found in products. Such as yoghurt and yoghurt. They have properties that help in exfoliating skin cells. Helps make the skin smooth. Slow down the deterioration of skin cells. And helps keep the skin soft and moisturized as well.

3. Glycolic Acid (glycolic acid)

Another facial AHA that is hot these days is Glycolic Acid because this type of acid is highly effective. Because it has small particles, it absorbs well into the skin. Helps remove dead skin cells. And helps inhibit the creation of melanin pigment that causes dull skin. Helps stimulate the creation of collagen. This will help make the skin firmer, tighter and more flexible.

4. Tartaric Acid (tartaric acid)

Tartaric Acid is another type. Often found in grapes, bananas, tamarind, and oranges. Tartaric Acid helps to absorb UV rays and prevent them from damaging the skin. 

5. Malic Acid (malic acid)

Malic Acid AHA has properties that complement other types, helping to exfoliate dead skin cells. This type of often found in apples.