How to boil eggs?

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 Let’s look at the different ways to boil eggs first and see what kind of boiled eggs each person likes. Each method has its own secrets for boiling eggs as desired. It depends on how to long it takes to eggs in different ways as follows:UFABET

  • Hard-boiled  : Bring water to a boil. Add room temperature water to the ratio 10:1 and then soak the eggs in hot water for 2-5 minutes. You will get cloudy white egg whites like jelly and still runny yolks.
  • Onsen eggs : Bring water to a boil. Add room temperature water to the ratio 10:1, then place the eggs in and soak in hot water for 15-25 minutes . You will get a set white egg white and a runny or rubbery yolk.
  • Soft-boiled  : Bring the water to a boil and for 4-6 minutes.  The egg whites will be quite cooked or almost cooked and the yolks are not quite cooked.
  • Boiled eggs : Bring the water to a boil and boil the eggs for 10 minutes. You will get a whole cooked egg, both the yolk and the egg white.

Techniques for deliciously.

  • Hard-boiled eggs with shells that won’t crack Add a little vinegar or lemon juice to the water.
  • Boil eggs so they are easy to peel. Add salt to the water.
  • When boiling add water higher than the eggs. This will allow the eggs to cook thoroughly and reduce the risk of cracking the eggs.