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Read Probiotics story and look briefly. Let’s expand on each other. I believe that many people have heard this word. Many people may have heard of it since 20-30 years ago when healthy food was popular. But may not know what it is. Plus, there are too many words like probiotics, prebiotics, or synbiotics.

As defined by the World Health Organization, are living microorganisms. When given into the body in the right amount will have a positive effect on health. Which originated from the past Cow’s milk is a difficult food to store. Keeping it for a few days, then it spoils and then eats it, causes diarrhea, sickness. But after taking it through some processes to turn it into cheese into yogurt. UFABET It can be stored longer. People have been using food preservation like this ever since.

Until as science progressed, around 1900, a medical student took yoghurt to examine and found that yoghurt contained bacteria. Long rod-shaped bacteria are everywhere. When the research spread There is one Russian scientist who won the Nobel prize. Because of the yogurt that this is a food that is popular with some local people. And people in that area seem to live longer than people in other regions. So he hypothesized that The bacteria in the gut probably released some kind of toxin. And the lactic acid produced by yogurt cultures can inhibit the aging process.