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How to make corn soup?

Homemade Corn Soup Rich, delicious aroma with plenty of benefits from corn. Just one cup will fill your stomach comfortably. Corn Soup Ingredients How to make corn soup? Benefits of corn.

Germinated brown rice pudding.

 From making soybean pudding for health. I’d like to try making germinated brown rice pudding sometime. Add boiled fresh milk and sprouted brown rice. Add salt and sugar. And Add raisins to add sweet flavor. Served warm is also delicious. In the morning, afternoon, and evening. you can also get

Duck eggs nutrition.

How many minutes to boil soft-boiled duck eggs? Many people would like to boil duck eggs to make them look delicious menu like in restaurants. Benefits of duck eggs. The dangers of duck eggs. How many calories? How to boil soft-boiled duck eggs?  1. Put the

How to boil eggs?

 Let’s look at the different ways to boil eggs first and see what kind of boiled eggs each person likes. Each method has its own secrets for boiling eggs as desired. It depends on how to long it takes to eggs in different ways as follows:UFABET Techniques

Theory of left brain and right brain.

There is a theory that each hemisphere whole left brain and the right hemisphere controls different areas of thought. And individuals tend to be more dominant in one side of the brain than the other. For example, left-brain dominants are more likely to be good at analytical thinking,

Benefits of egg yolk on body fat.

Egg yolk contains lecithin. which has the ability to break down fat into small particles thus making it easier for our bodies to digest fat. And the yolk also prevents the adhesion of fat on the artery walls. Helps reduce the risk of fat clogging. It also helps nourish the

Eggs nutritional value for children.

Dr. Sathit Pitutecha the Deputy Minister of Public Health revealed that. Eggs are a source of high-quality protein, easily available and suitable for all genders and ages. As well as a source of many minerals and vitamins. Whether it is iron, calcium, phosphorus, vitamin A, vitamin


Read Probiotics story and look briefly. Let’s expand on each other. I believe that many people have heard this word. Many people may have heard of it since 20-30 years ago when healthy food was popular. But may not know what it is. Plus, there are too many words like